Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mr. + Mrs. Nathanael and Emily Hadley

Wow! what a fun Summer it has been.. or shall I say it was. I had so much fun at the wedding of Emily and Nate! you can refresh yourself with their beautiful faces here during their engagement session. Everything was at their home church, which I loved because I didn't have to drive around all day :) Emily was the most collected and calm bride I have seen in a long long time. Most likely because she had every detail thought out and ready to go. I don't know if it is possibly to have a love afair with a wedding dress... if there is... I totally had one with this dress! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress! Alos the rad hall way we got to shoot it in was so great for catching and delaying light! FUN FUN FUN! When I say WE, I'm reffering to Will Parris of Parris Studios. He was kind enough to come and shoot with me all day. so onto the fun stuff. . enjoy and please feel free to share your thoughts :)

here is the slideshow be sure to check it out!

Starting off with the rockin-ist hall way ever! Here are the lovely shoes that Emily wore on her wedding day. 08-02-2008
And the love begins, with the dress... right... HERE!


It goes on for a while: It is a Maggie Sottero Gown that Emily found shop called "The Dresser" in downtown Fullerton. Every girl should shop for her dress at fun little shops.. You can get a dream wedding gown!
sandrasalisbury.com 2920

Here is Emily getting ready. I love pictures for their ability to create judgement in the viewers eyes. You see, you have no idea what is really going on during this quick snap of the shutter. I know of course and I always think to myself how much i wish pictures could hold some kind of caption when I take it or an audio file to go with it. But lets not get technical and just let your imagination do the work..... Any guesses?
Emily and her 2 sisters. I love this picture! Mine and theirs!

Almost time to get married!

Trying a little something new here. I'm liking the idea.
first sight

How beautiful are the windows in this church?

Married!!!!!!!! :)

And now it's oicture time......
Some fun with Nate:

groom 4x4
And a fun little (or big I guess) group series:

wedding parety

The light was perfect!


Almost my fave of the day:


I wish one day I get a bride and groom who will dance through the water.... But I'm very happy this didn't happen with my love ( the dress )
Below is my fave of the day:





I love the emotions and the stretch what they can be during the toasts. I also am diggin how Emily's dad and Nate's brother both look like they are speaking about some sort of new secret salute or hand shake.. Must be the welcome to the family high five they were practicing.. Anyway the stretch of emotions here were beautiful and moving and made me very glad to have a big ol' camera to hide behind as I held back the tear that often tries to escape!


Yummy cake and yummy details....


Incase you want to see a sign-in book that comes with many packages.. see below:

sandrasalisburysignin book


finishing off the day with a couple of quick tosses and the grand exit!
Thanks to Emily and Nate for having me along on your perfect day! I had a lot of fun! Everything was beautiful and I wish you both a wonderful life together.




Will Parris said...

How absolutely amazing are you!? Way amazing of course!! Love the new picture set up too! Amazing pictures my friend & wonderful wedding Mr. & Mrs. Hadley :)


Ryel j Photography said...

WOW!!! THese are so gorgeous! I love the intimate moments between bride and groom. :)

tracyk said...

killer dress. i like the fountain shot. and luvin the ring shot too. nice job! :)

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

that dress shot is incredible!!! love the shot with the water spouts too!!

Emily said...

Thanks! The pictures look great! The time has come to dry clean and package up my lovely dress, sadly. However, I'm so glad I have such great pictures of my dress!! By the way, I got the dress in Downtown Fullerton at a very original shop called "The Dresser" and had a very good experience with them.

oh the love!!!