Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maria +Miguel

Finally I have a second to breath. To catch up a little on much needed blogging is very soothing. Not that blogging is a needed part of the way my business is, but it is a part of who I am as a photographer. Not blogging is sad. So no more frowns. I will do my best to get a couple bloge posted weekly from here to the end of the year! I have a bunch more weddings from now until Oct 12 to work my magic at. So, please stayed tuned for all the exciting Summer maddness I was a part and for the future fall fabulous posts!

You should recognize Maria and Miguel from their super cool engagement session down at Newport Beach. Their wedding day was so much fun. From the second I got there and all the way to the end! I had the great pleasure of shooting with Ryel as my second for the day. FUN! This first image was taken during the prep time at Maria's mothers home. This is the livingroom eye-catcher. I would almost say this is my favorite image... ALMOST.. I just feel it fits the day. It fit the way each wedding day for me begins. The fun and the craziness that are waiting for me as I arrive and meet all the loving family members of the bride. I love my couple so much that coming into thier homes is where my heart belongs too! My job is not a job at all. My heart has been in it for ever, Since the very first time I learne dto take pictures. This is where I belong. My heart is at home!


Maria was right in the middle of make up when I got there! She looked stunning of course.
Decing to go outside with the dress can be a challenge. But lucky me I have such sweet bride who let me have this wonderful freedom. And below is the result.

One of my all time fave of shoe shots:

Ceremony time, Miguel's stare as he sees his almost wife for the first time that day:


Love long services, give me the creative juices!


Miguel's Grandmother with her newest granddaughter right after the ceremony:


Some fun with the b+g

Isandra salisbury photography7605

Thanks to Ryel for driving my car around. I had the awesome chance to ride in the limo and got this moment:

The full party at the golf culb where the reception was:





I LOVE Maria and Miguel for allowing so much time for portraits during their day

IMG_7548 copy


Maria showing her Husband some love:


sandrasalisbury photography.com7605


This simple, but yet perfect shot is my fave of the set:

sandrasalisbury7495 copy

some fun reception details:

sandrasalisbury wedding photographer sputhern california
Super cake here is your super picture!



sandrasalisbury8480 copy

Maria had alittle surprize planned for her hubby, a hula dancer. I had mentioned something about in the limo ride and Coool as can be Maria played it off incredibly so that I didn't spoil it! :)

dancing sandrasalisbury wedding photography

So, if i were alllowed to choose 2 faves, this would be the other fave from the day. But hey.. I guess I am allowed :)

from the first dance:


Wrapping up a perfect day with a fun dance moment caught between the happy newlyweds:

IMG_8589 copy

So ya'll thought that was my ring shot.. you know the one that said "rings:"
I fooled you all.. here is my M+M ring shot. Hope you like it!

sandrasalisbury photography ring shot

Thanks to Maria and Miguel for having me share such a beautiful day in your lives together. I look forward to many more fun events for which I can be a part of.


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These are so gorgeous!! I had such a blast shooting with you! You're so creative. xoxo

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love the b&w with the b&g and your ring shot is yummy ;(

oh the love!!!