Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Engagement: Danny and Brandi

I have been so much anticipating the blog post of this awesome duo... Danny and Brandi are indeed engaged. They contacted me a few months ago about their wedding that will take place this coming October. I instantly hit it off with Brandi, who was more than eager to meet over coffee and discuss details. We took these beautiful pictures a few weeks ago in the quirky downtown area of newport near the Lido Theater. I always make my couples pick where we do their engagement session because it makes for more than just a great background.. there usually is some kind of meaning in the location. Well, they chose a hot spot and the shooting possibilities were endless!!! I can't find words to describe how sweet these two are! I really think the pictures show the love and the passion they have for each other. Click here for Brandi + Danny's slideshow you can follow Brandi on her blog and on weddingbee where she blogs and talks about all things fun and great about weddings!

keep scrolling and scrolling .. for the super huge post below!

There is this crazy happiness between there highschool sweethearts! they couldn't see each other's faces in this set below. Yet, they were interestingly expressing the same emotions!

the parking structure was very giving to us... look at the moody dark staircase we found
the roof the structure:

I heart fun couples who so crazy things like this:

What more can a girl need.. her man kissin' her sweetly and a sweet cup o' java!

I asked Brandi + Danny to bring along anything fun they want in the pictures... and here is a cool frame from a personal picture of theirs:

AND the funky old Lido theater provided some fun for us.. it was really busy and we had hopped to play around it more, but we worked it anyway! it jsut happens to look like noone was around but it was surrounded by an entire church group right at this moment.. i gues they must have been hiding for a second.

I love the little series of the beautiful faces below:

Below you get 4 super big images which happen to be my faves from the day!



runner up for fave shot. the happy couple are getting married on the 4th.. we found an awesome spot ya think?

This last image is my # 1 fave of the day:

Thanks to Danny and Brandi for showing me what love is .. well reminding me what is really is on that early Sunday Morning in July. I seriously can not wait for your wedding!


Brandi said...

Thanks Sandie!! We can't wait for you to photograph our wedding too!!

Amber Teal Photography said...

SAndie! To beautiful! I can't wait until I am as good as you are lady! You blow me away!

tracyk said...

this couple is too cute! great job sandra on this e-session, looks like you really captured their personalities.

ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

cannot get over that last shot!!! awesome!!

Sandra Salisbury said...

thanks everyone! and ohana... I cant get over it either :) which is great .. when you keep going back to stare at your own blog!

oh the love!!!