Monday, May 19, 2008

It's true...

yes I am a blog slacker. I have been working though.. so Just change the picture below to say slacking excellence in the BLOGplace.

But so you know, I here by promise to give you those 30 days in a row of blogging that I had mentioned. And this is brought to you in part by the wonderful blog stalkers of mine who are too kind to mention my slacker-ness in a comment and instead send me a sweet e-mail. So here we are, Day 1 of 30.
to kick off this beautiful burst of blogging, a quick slideshow link from the wedding this weekend. click here

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Ashley said...

Sandra,I am one of Amelia Lyon's brides and you second shot at my wedding almost a year ago! I just now saw your post of my wedding in your archives! Thanks so much for all the wonderful things you said! It was fun to relive my wedding just now through eyes and I was excited to see exactly which shots you took. I actually just started my own photography business, go figure! Thanks again and keep up the fantastic shooting!

oh the love!!!