Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Awesome Rascal Flatts Concert With My Mom!

On April 11th my mother and I made traveled north towards San Jose CA for to visit the best Country Music Band at one of the best venues in the state! The HP pavilion in San Jose served us the Boys of Rascal Flatts on a silver platter, front row leaning on the stage grabbing at jeans and boots. But this was a few years back. 2008 however proved to be a bit more sheltered and restricted. We were in row 13 seats 13-14 and sad because the not so nice (language super watered down here) wouldn't let me take my camera in. Well, my real camera that is. They claimed that any camera with a detachable lens is considered professional!!! What are they thinking? Professional photographers don't bring their cameras to concerts.. It's totally just a hobby of mine.. right... anyway after fighting the rules for 30 minutes (and not wanting to miss out on the cutest opening act ever) I gave in a checked my "hobby" camera at the security desk. So, i did have a back up, my Canon SD800 / IXUS 850. I had fun getting all the settings to work with the crazy hot white light they use as spotlights now.. and hey a little bitt o' grain is good for your heath! So, I got the right idea and got a few beautiful images to enjoy and love forever. So thank-you to my wonderful mother for taking me along again. Her 13th time (seat 13) and my 14th (seat 14) ! Oh and the awesome opening act, the adorable Miss Taylor Swift.
I have way too many pictures to post, so many I'll make a slideshow in the future.......But for now I will start by over-posting images of my fave member of the band, Joe Don Rooney

Me and Mom having the best time!

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