Thursday, November 22, 2007

I have so much to be thankful for!

Today was glorious! I got to sleep in and wake up with a great cup of joe made by my hubby. I enjoyed the time I spent making a beautiful meal, turkey, stuffing and all the spiffy extras. I was so happy to finally have a working oven. Ours had been out of commission since we moved in way back in May! grandma brought the potoaoes an gravy and robbi helpped me with the sweets She made a delicious pie!!!!
The best part of thanksgiving was sharing it with my family. Alex and the kids really enjoyed eating and visiting with my mom and dad, my sis Robbi, and my grandma. we all shared what we were most thankful for this year. I am so greatful to have one full offical year under my belt as a full time photographer. This week marks my freshman year over as a wedding industry all day everyday photographer. I owe so much to Alex! Whitout him I would not have any of this. He doesn't mind my Sunday meetings or wehen i bring my laptop to bed with me. He sleeps less then me and works harder everday. On top of all that he is an amazing dad and even brought me a beautiful long stem deep red rose when he was out today!
Zach had his own stuffing recipe e was preparing for us.

He couldn't wait to taste it though.
We decided to let him enjoy it all to himself.

Susie and Zach Playing battle ship before dinner

Me and my turkey!
Yummy yummy yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Game time and coffee!!!!

Life! For real and The Game............. dad always wins!

thas us drivin the road of life!

Spin susie spin!


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auntie em said...

i love these pics. i love the way you capture everything, it makes me feel as though im there. i wish i could have been there that day im glad to see you all so happy. my fav shot was the oval shot from above the table. great job love you

oh the love!!!