Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Zach, early bloomer.. or sneaky rascal?

I should have learned my lesson by now.

Besides my kittys finding it warm and cozy to sleep on my laptop keyboard in the night, often renaming folders and opening 100 Internet Explorer windows at a time..... I discovered today that my little boy enjoys a bit of graphic design. I'd say he is pretty advanced for his age. He knows about layers and blending and textures!!!! Wow at 22-months he really knows how to get his hands wet in CS2. Here is his (accidental) product. Granted, I had a few images open and he had a bit of a head start, but these images were seperate when I last sat down to work on them. I thought is was interesting enough to show you all! tell me please, should I start his college fund for that high tech design school now?

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Will Parris said...

Honestly, that picture is SICK! Granted he had some amazing images to work with, but I'd say start the fund now :D

oh the love!!!