Thursday, August 16, 2007

who IS sandra salisbury

as seen in eight levels of narcissism by tracy kumono, fabulous photographer

Tracy Kumono a fellow photographer friend from Los Angeles, CA has hit me up me for a fun little blog game. I am suppose to share eight interesting facts about me, and tag eight other photographers to do the same on their blogs and have them get just as creative as I have.. or haven't .

So me!

1. Dream of one-day becoming a movie director led to photography career.
2. First job was cashier at Del Taco.
4. Played drums for 4 years during high school.
3. Favorite all-time TV show Gilmore Girls. Even when it's the 10th time seeing an episode!
5. Psychology was college major. Was aiming to be a teacher.
6. Married on lucky date 7-11. At 7:11p.m.
7. Shares b-day with Leo DiCaprio and Demi Moore.
8. Hidden talent: seamstress. (gift from uber-talented mother Nancy)

and to pass on the crazy time consuming task of this fun little blog here are my fellow photogs, bloggers, and friends....TAG YOU'RE ALL IT! Hey it is kind of fun and you know you like finding out weird stuff about your friends!!

1. shyla
2. will parris
3. + 4. matt and angie sloan
5. tim halberg
6. david champagne
7. drewb
8. and the most busy blogger I can imagine to put here jasmine star


Matthew Sloan said...

i love del taco! too funny!

Jasmine said...

HOLLLLLLLLLLA back! :) Thanks for the tag and keep up the awesome blogging!

oh the love!!!