Thursday, July 12, 2007

A wonderful night out!

I wanted to first show you a couple cute ring shots I made of my wedding rings this evening.
1st one in my sons sleeping hand.
And hanging on a basket we keep the remote controls in.

Alex and I had a great time at our anniversary dinner last night. We had been holding on to a gift card (from my mom) for what seems like a year now. We had been waiting for the perfect moment. So, here is a little re-cap of our evening.. in pictures of course!
looking for some details?

We never got a cool ring shot. So I made one!

His was way better than mine.

Dinner was really great, and we were served by a wonderful old friend of mine who I wokred with while at BJ's. Afterwards, we played around with some fum outside shots.

I love our crazy faces we make together, totally unplanned too!

We went and grabbed Clodstone for Dessert. Cake batter ice cream is the best thing ever! Okay and this is Zach at home before we left! I couldn't resist! He stole this crown from sister's room.


Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sorry I totally spaced but in all fairness to me you guys have so many anniversaries. J/K I knew it was 7/11 but it came and went so fast that I forgot...what a horrible bridesmaid.
Wow five years congratulations!

tracy said...

Did I ever tell you how much I always like your ring shots! Love em'.


Amber Teal Photography said...

OMG! I never saw these. THey are so cute!

oh the love!!!