Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It was a long day. As I stood in front of the bank at 8:59am, waiting to cash the final check for wedding expenses, my mind buzzed around lining up all the tasks to be done over the next hours. Would the food be enough to feed everyone? Will the guests make it by 7:11 on a Thursday night? What if I forget my vows? How are we going to get everything set up in time? What's my day going to end with? So many things do think about, to do, to enjoy.... right?

7:11pm The guests are all seated, my dad is waiting with me at the back of the hall. I'm ready! Despite the runner never being laid, the dj playing the wrong song for the attendants, the ring bearer forgeting his pillow, and my daughter barely waking up in time to roll down in her wagon, I was ready!

Alex had never looked so handsome! I was marrying my true love. The whole moment was as beautiful as a first rain in spring, or a clear blue sky, a full moon on a warm summer evening!

5 years ago today, at 7:11pm, I married my soul mate.

In celebration we are off to dinner.. ALONE.. how often does this happen? Well, never really. Thanks to my best friend, my mom, the kiddies are eating Mickey D's and watchin something fun on TV.

While we are away please check out my wedding pictures taken by a local photographer in Covina.

Oh how I wish I would have researched more on wedding photography before making htis decision. (in my opinion the biggest of the wedding besides the one you stand next to up there at the altar!) If you are looking for tips on choosing your photographer... check out this from . It's a good place to start. After you read it... Call me and book me!!! =)

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Anonymous said...

OMG has it been 5 years already....crazy. Where did you guys go to dinner?

Love ya,

oh the love!!!