Friday, May 11, 2007

i have a BED HEAD too!

I have become somewhat of a blog-aholic. Most of my morning is spent roaming through fields of websites and blogs of other photographers. One of my favorite places to look is Tim Halberg's blog. Tim does awesome wedding and portraits and engagements.. check him out when you can. I saw on his blog a portrait oh himself which then linked me to
the[b]ecker ,who recently posted a self-portrait titled "bed-head". It is of him first thing n the morning. It is very brave and very beautiful. I was inspired, I suppose just as Tim was to post my own bed-head self portrait. On that, and the fact that the[b]ecker challenged us other blog lookers to post our own. I love a challenge! So kids.. here is my self-portrait appropriately titled BED HEAD.


matt + angie sloan said...

that's such a cool little photo!!! did you do it or did someone take it of you?

tracy said...

I love this bed head picture! It was nice working with you this past weekend. Hope we can work together soon!


oh the love!!!