Saturday, February 17, 2007

My little room 12 valentines

Just a creative MommY! Thats all I really am.

I really think that valentines should be home made. I know that this day in age many moms don't have the time. I Don't really have it either, but my best work is done under pressure. Taken the night before, printed around 11 pm then cut and placed in heart shaped holders the morning of! No candy included. I know the kids love the candy part, but I hope the moms love the cards! Here is the front and back! They don't let you personalize the cards in kindergarten, because it would take way to long for the little readers to pass them all out!

I also made some for Zach and his mommy and me class last week. all i did for his was attach a little white ribbon, and tied it in a bow! very cute!

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Anonymous said...

Sandie, I loved your new valentine pictures! Zach and Susie are getting to be so big, it's hard to believe. Susie looks more like you every time I see her. Love to all of you,
Grandma Bette

oh the love!!!