Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Years Fun!

oh no! not a full moon and new year's eve! behold the craziest night of all! Join us in the picture show from Uncle Squishy back yard bash.First you see the zombie child of king Zombie father Alex
i cant stop taking pics of this little one!
it was a wee bit cold out there, the fire provided a much needed comfort!
what are they doing?

crazy and close, just how i like it!
fun poppersgo pop

Gotsa have the goods!
Squish is way camera friendly ... um.. when .. its a full moon?... right thats it!
having family fun with the moms and the auntie... yet to be a mom!
My purty sis, auntie Em.
And the duck... or is it a goose? I'm not much of a farm girl.
This is really how it looked. Or at least how Alex made it seem to us all! =>

Erin and her man.
Happy new ear, I mean year!
The life of the party. quick call the cops and get me away from these crazy peeps!

The cup-eating fire! he only had 5 beers! heres the proof!
Some shutter fun! Susie had a blast! NEver stopped running!

And of course a lucky kiss from the Zombie king himself. happy new year to all and thanks for stoppin by! I'll keep you posted. This should be a very exciting year for us.

hurray for 2007!


Amelia said...

So cute, I need to update my blog with my newyear's stuff. Hope you're doing well...we need to talk and play soon!

Nikki said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun sorry I missed it.

erin said...

you are doing great sandie, i cant wait to see more! love it love it love it!!!

oh the love!!!